The 'Maskidermy' concept


As a child, I recall visiting the Museum of Natural History in New York City and admiring the beauty of the elaborate taxidermy displays.  Somehow, the curators were able to capture the natural beauty of their subjects in the form of a three-dimensional panorama.  I realized soon thereafter that this form of mounting creatures indoors was practiced around the world to bring an essence of wilderness indoors.  While this practice seemed too literal to me, I liked the concept, but wanted to find a creative way to capture that feeling of oneness with nature without being so direct.

And so, the concept of 'Maskidery' came about.  After all, the masks I create have all of the elements needed - structure, color, textures and natural elements such as feathers, shells and gems.  Additionally, the masks have an energy and presence evoking life.  Many of my styles are adorned with hand-made horns, wings and skulls further adding to the illusion.  And then there's the inspiration.  While I never set out to copy nature's designs, I like to reflect upon them, focusing on elements such as colors, shapes and textures.

Frequently, when marketing masks, Rustin and I realized that many people purchased masks solely to wear to an event.  Occasionally, a customer would admire the masks followed by the question "but what can you do with them?"  We always found that surprising because although our masks are definitely made for wearing, some people aren't aware of their impact when displayed.  So Rustin and I had an "aha!" moment and developed simple frames and stands to demonstrate how versatile masks can be.  Masks make very dramatic decor elements, and have been used historically as such.  Aside from functioning as wall art, masks can add height, focal points, color and emotion to a room.  Consequently, those were the elements that I so admired from the museum panoramas.

So, I hope this first inspirational blog will give you ideas on how 'Maskidermy' can be used to bring interest and focus to your decor, while also adding an essence of nature indoors.  By all means wear your mask and revel in the masquerade, but rest assured when the mask comes off - it will always bring you joy when displayed in your room, glancing at you, reflecting the magic of the night.

Please continue to visit our blog for future images and ideas!

With warmest regards,

Erik Attia