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About Us



I used to wonder how I ended up in the art world with an education in biology, but over the years, the answer was clear.  I simply love working with natural elements.


My name is Erik Attia and my journey into art was an outlet for my creativity driven by my passion for nature, science and fantasy.  What began as a hobby, soon became a fascination.


In 2004, I decided to take my artwork to the next level and established Erik's Inspiration.  My goal was to provide unique hand-made masks that would entice people into a world where fantasy and reality collide.


In 2007, I was fortunate to meet Rustin Hill who not only had an extensive visual merchandising background, but also brought with him a complementary aesthetic of color and whimsy.


Together, we expanded Erik's Inspiration, adding an assortment of handcrafted products which included an assortment feathered hair accessories and unique ornaments.  Our products have since been sold worldwide, with a clientele that includes Cirque du Soleil and Maskarade in New Orleans.


At Erik's Inspiration, we continue to dream and strive to create unique handcrafted art from the finest materials.  Each of our pieces  represents the culmination of a meticulous process paying particular attention to the fine details.  Our goal is to insure that each of our pieces is unique and with minimal care will last a lifetime.  With our use of natural materials, we can guarantee that no two pieces will be identical.


We hope you will continue with us on our journey and we welcome your feedback.


As Oscar Wilde once said "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.  Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth."


Thank you and enjoy our site!