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From the moment that I visited the Erik's Inspiration website, I knew I found the right place to shop for my wedding mask.  Erik's creations are one-of-a-kind.  Erik was extremely accommodating and professional and willing to create a custom piece that suited my vision.  The delivery of the mask was quick and well packaged.  The quality of the mask was like no other.  Prior to dealing with Erik, I had seen many other masks.  Erik's work is "top of the line."  No other mask can compare.  Erik exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend purchasing a mask from Erik's Inspiration.  -Isabella Fuschino



I have been impressed with Erik's masks and I am continuing to use them in my performances.  When you first see one up close, the warm detail is astounding.  When I wore one for the first time, I became the character with whom the mask was to represent. - Aksana (



I purchased a peacock feather mask from Erik to use as a Halloween costume.  The mask was hand painted in gold, with Swarovski crystal accents and had a peacock feather top.  The materials Erik used were high quality and the craftsmanship exceeded my expectations.  It was beautiful and I would highly recommend Erik because of the quality of his work and his excellent customer service. - Chelsea



The masks for our event arrived on time and look wonderful. Thank you! - Mike



If you sometimes long as I do to "escape" into a more beautiful, more lavish and colorful world, then look no further than Erik's Inspiration. 

'Find yourself" or "lose yourself" in one of his breathtaking masks to wear, or delineate a little fantasy corner to call your own. Perhaps on the edge of a bedroom mirror.  Dare to dream about exotic birds, ornaments and decor that flourishes with luxurious feathers, stones and Austrian crystals. You deserve it!

Erik's creations have made it possible for me to complete the decor of an 'Old World Christmas' at my home.  I was getting tired of the Santas and Snowmen and just wanted the look of warmth, tradition and charm.  I used to put peacock feathers in my tree, now I make thick garlands of evergreens, berries and pinecones and clip Erik's sparkling birds into it.  I also put them into the dining room centerpieces. His rich pheasant and peacock feathers are a must for this type of design, and there it is - instant atmosphere. - Marie Montgomery



Erik's Inspiration is all about love, passion and mystery.  Beautiful, hand-crafted one-of-a-kind masks that are truly wearable art.  I loved to display them in my boutique and they were a favorite of my customers.  They make wonderful gifts, the entire collection is truly fascinating. - Flora Scheck



When I researched the possibility of having masks made for our madrigal choir, I had no idea what the final product would do for our performance. Erik's Inspiration provided the theme for our presentation. -Becky Jarman

The mask was the highlight of my evening. I felt like I was truly back in the Renaissance in attendance at a masque ball. -Annelise

The mask I wore received nothing but compliments.  Wonderful craftsmanship, beautiful design and vivid colors. Thank you so much! -Chris

The mask that I wore was of the most exquisite beauty and detail.  The intricate detail of feathers, stones and gems combined, created a mask of utmost beauty. -Bryce

Beautiful design, very comfortable, easy to wear and easy to care for. - Spencer

Thank you for making a high school memory shine brighter for all of us.  Your masks were the highlight of the evening.  We wowed our audience with their glimmering beauty.  You are truly masters of your art. - Brock R.



Thanks so much for creating masks for our Krewe.  Your ability to create designs from the bits of fabrics and trims that we sent is truly outstanding! - Lucy